Your School Needs Smart IDs


More complex problems require more intelligent solutions.

It’s easy to overlook the role that ID cards can play in effective school management. Many administrators still think of these cards as something to shove in their wallets and forget about. However, contemporary smart ID cards can do a lot more than just let you into the building. Smart ID cards can make your school more efficient, communicative, and safe.

Unlike traditional ID cards, which either have a magnetic strip or barcode, Smart ID cards have embedded, scannable chips that assign a globally unique ID to each cardholder (student, faculty, staff, visitor, etc.). When the chip is scanned, advanced Zebra scanners send data to a backend computer that stores the information. It sounds complicated, but cards are both easy to use and easy to integrate.

What Smart IDs Can Do For Your School

Smart ID cards are versatile management tools that are making schools more efficient, communicative, and safe. With advanced Smart ID technology, your school can track attendance, communicate performance, and ensure safety easily and accurately.

  • Track Attendance: With smart chips, students tap their cards to sensors in each classroom to note their arrival. This data is then accessed by teachers who verify attendance and submit it to administrators. The process is not only quicker and more accurate than traditional methods of roll call, but it also enables easy data analysis that can be used to find trends in absenteeism and tardiness.
  • Communicate Student Performance: Each smart ID is connected to a Scholar Chip® account where teachers can track students’ academic progress as well as any behavioral concerns. Administrators can even automate referrals and behavioral intervention plans, which optimizes parent communication and frees up time for teachers so they can focus on educating, not paperwork.
  • Ensure Safety: Smart IDs enable you to regulate who is allowed on the premise at any given time. Since only people with IDs will be able to open doors, visitors will have no choice but to check in with the office. Once in the office, visitors will have their driver’s licenses scanned to check them against the visitor management system, which will let you know if they are currently under a restraining order, have an outstanding warrant, or are a registered sex offender.

As you may imagine, Smart IDs can do even more than that. For instance, Smart IDs can restrict access to certain areas of the school, communicate student issues such as excused absences and tardies to teachers and administrators, and in the event of an active shooter, these cards can even help to put the school on lockdown and account for everyone who was in attendance.

Clearly, Smart ID cards are vital management tools for contemporary school administrators, but keep in mind that where you purchase your smart IDs matters. Much of the needed hardware and software can be ordered on the internet, but purchasing from ID professionals in the area guarantees you have the resources and support you need to use this powerful tool to its full capacity.

Located in Houston, TX, Newbart Products Inc., has been working with IDs for the past 35 years. They can help you determine which ID system is appropriate for your school. Then, their trained professionals will help you set up and maintain that system for the life of the products. Call 800-777-2003 to see how Newbart can make your school more efficient, communicative, and safe.