When is it time to trade in an ID printer?


There are several reasons why someone would consider trading in their ID printer. Be sure to contact Newbart to see what trade in promotions are currently available for your old ID printer system.


It is constantly experiencing issues or breaking down


This is a very common issue especially with older discontinued equipment. It is a situation where we recommend our technical support team to evaluate the printer, to see if it is an easy fix or something more extensive. Continual repairs to an outdated printer can add up very quickly and sometimes it is more cost effective for a customer to invest in a new printer, as opposed to continually spending money to repair their old out of warranty equipment.


Discontinued by the manufacture


Manufacturers are constantly updating and discontinuing printer models. This means the supplies for older equipment becomes more difficult and more expensive to source. They will eventually stop creating firmware and drivers for all discontinued printers, so it is best to consider trading in your old printer before that happens.


No longer sufficient


Perhaps your organization started out with an entry-level printer, but have grown significantly and now that entry-level printer cannot handle the print volume. Or perhaps you have started using technology cards for door access, time clock systems, or other solutions. It may be time to upgrade to a higher quality printer that gives you a better print quality especially for technology cards. Maybe your organization started printing single-sided but would like to now start printing double-sided. While some printers are modular and able to expand as your business expands, a lot are not capable of growing with your organization.


No longer working with your computer operating system


Have you not upgraded your Computer because you know your printer will no longer work if you do? Now is a great time to consider trading in! We hear stories of customers using an old computer and not wanting to update that computer because the moment that computer has issues or crashes, they will need to buy a new printer.


A lot of manufacturers offer great rebates and trade-in incentives to help get customers out of their old equipment. Be sure to contact Newbart to see what promotions are currently available!


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