Smart ID Cards Help in the Cafeteria, Library, and Across Your District


Smart ID cards have earned their place in schools across the country for many reasons. Primarily, they make the tracking of students, staff, and visitors more efficient. With the advances in technology, it’s easy to locate students, print reports, and make communication far easier for administrators — especially in cases of emergencies.

Since Smart ID cards have embedded chips, it opens up a world of other features where schools can use the cards to ensure student safety and make administrators more efficient. Thanks to leading technology providers like Zebra. Smart ID cards have become well-known for improving attendance tracking, student safety, and communicating student performance, as we detailed in our last blog post. When you add a barcode, even more options open up.

Here is a look at some of the features schools can use ID cards for that we did not cover in our first blog post:

1. Security Standards

If security is a concern, some Smart ID cards have comprehensive security standards like those used for banks and credit card companies. Information is securely stored, and the cards are impossible to replicate.


2. Cafeteria

Did you know Smart IDs can also be used in the cafeteria? By adding a barcode, you use your Smart ID virtually anywhere. Schools can automate their cafeteria services and integrate them via a POS terminal. Transactions can be conducted with a touch screen and a tap, and the account is automatically updated in a data center.

Cafeteria POS is a seamless process. Your students can replenish accounts via the web, and you have your own payment gateway for transactions. You can also manage inventory and control your cafeteria accounts all starting with the barcode on your ID. You’ll have better data available for menu planning, cafeteria management, ordering supplies like trays or napkins, and an accurate count of free or reduced meals.


3. Library

The barcode on your Smart ID card can also integrate with your school’s library system. The card can allow you to centralize and manage your library services in the same system that tracks attendance, provides security, and manages your cafeteria along with other decentralized systems.Students can use the card to enter the library, and the barcode allows you to manage books that are taken out and returned.


4. QR codes

By adding a QR Code to your Smart ID, you can use scanning capabilities to capture data. The QR code could be helpful to teachers who are taking “mobile” attendance on a field trip, for example.


5. Class schedule and early release

Smart ID cards also make it easy for administrators to monitor student class schedules and get an accurate list compiled for early release situations, whether it’s a small number of students or an entire school.


6. Lunch schedule and food allergies

With the tap of an ID card, you can pull your students’ information for schedules. The feature includes knowing if the student should be on lunch break, what food allergies they, and other relevant information.

Smart ID cards offer many benefits to school districts that go beyond security, tracking, and student performance. The technology helps you pull together and integrate several decentralized systems into one cohesive school system.

Newbart Products Inc. has been helping organizations create safe and effective ID programs for more than 35 years. With our leading technology partners at Zebra, we can help you find the right hardware and software for any of your needs. We will be there to service your district in the future so you can avoid downtime. Call 800-777-2003 today to see how Newbart can improve your district’s ID program with Smart ID cards today.