ScholarChip is the industry leader for automated, modular, integrated security and operations services for K12 and beyond.

Automate attendance, improve student safety and enhance campus security with ScholarChip!

Your ID management systems begin with a smart ID card enabling visual identification for students, staff, and visitors. Add large group attendance, classroom attendance, bus attendance, even cafeteria point-of-sale modules as your budget and needs allow to build the identity management system that suits the needs of your K-12 district or an individual campus.

With ScholarChip’s more than a dozen dynamic modules, you can implement a cohesive, comprehensive ID management system that integrates with your Student Identification System (SIS) one module at a time.

For a limited time, ScholarChip, ARMET Group and Zebra Technologies are offering a Smart ID Card Starter Kit complete with Zebra ZXP Series 3, single-side printer, 2-year ID management software license, supplies and up to 1000 FREE smart cards per school. Your school may even qualify for a special 2016 subsidy, making Smart ID Cards more affordable for your campus than ever before.


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