Issues With Proprietary ID Printers


There are some companies that would prefer to sell you a proprietary or specialty printer. In almost all of these situations the customer is completely unaware that they are being sold this type of equipment. Usually these companies will offer the printer at a very enticing price knowing that once you have the printer you will be required to purchase supplies from them, and only them. Imagine if a car dealer said they would sell you a car cheaper than any other dealer, you would probably be quite interested right? But what if that same dealer didn’t tell you before you signed paperwork, that you could only buy gas from them, and no other gas would allow your car to run? You would probably be quite upset wouldn’t you? That is the business philosophy of some companies that sell ID card printers unfortunately. They want to sell you a printer, that only they can supply the consumables for and charge whatever price they would like to and not give you the type of customer service you expect.

Price Increases

With these specialty printers, the ribbons used are unique to that company that sold them to you. This means if you are to purchase ribbon from somewhere else, the printer will give you an error along the lines of “no ribbon” or “not compatible ribbon”. We hear it all the time where companies bought a printer from one of these dealers, then they started to have service issues or price increases that were astounding, and wanted to take their business elsewhere. Unfortunately there is no one who is able to supply these items to them and they are left with two options: to stick with that company, or to buy a new non-proprietary printer from someone else. Often times the cost to replace that proprietary printer is quite expensive and puts the customer in a bad situation. These companies are able to sell the supplies to you for whatever amount they choose because they know you have no other choice.

Leads To Lack Of Service

Because these companies know you are not able to buy items from anyone else this leads to lack of service. We receive calls from customers that sometimes have been waiting for several weeks to get a response on their printer. If these companies know you aren’t able to go anywhere else, why would they rush to fix your issue? On the contrary, with customers having decisions on where they buy supplies with non-proprietary printers, this leads to great service. Customers with non-proprietary printers know they have choices in where they can purchase supplies and will purchase from a company where they see has the best value.

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