Zebra Adhesive Cleaning Rollers – Qty. 5

  • Includes 5 adhesive cleaning rollers for cleaning cards
  • For use with the following Zebra card printers:
    • P205
    • P210i
    • ZXP Series 3


Requiring less maintenance than the former generation of Zebra ID card printer cleaning roller kits, Zebra adhesive cleaning rollers are 90% less sticky in comparison and make it easy and inexpensive to maintain optimal printing functionality on your Zebra P2XX or ZXP Series 3 printer.

Zebra cleaning rollers feature a low-tack adhesive that cleans dust and other debris from blank cards before they’ve passed through the printer. This adhesive property helps to prevent unnecessary damage to your Zebra printer’s printhead and helps ensure that the quality of your printed cards is consistent.


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