Red Monochrome Ribbon – 1,200 prints

Red monochrome resin ribbon
  • 1,200 prints per roll
  • Includes cleaning roller
  • IDP Red Monochrome Ribbon is for use with the following IDP printers:
    • Smart-31S
    • Smart-51S
    • Smart-51S
    • Smart-51D
    • Smart-51L


The IDP red monochrome ribbon produces up to 1,200 prints in an all red resin. The ribbon comes in a kit that includes an easy-to-use cleaning roller. Use the cleaning roller to absorb excess ink that builds up in your printer over time and you’ll help your IDP Smart-51 printer produce better quality prints for longer. IDP red monochrome ribbons are primarily used for printing text and one-color line art on one or both sides of a card. Note: Black resin is needed to print readable barcodes.


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