Dual-sided direct-to-card ID card printer with optional lamination ideal for high-volume card printing applications.

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The dual-sided Nisca PR-C151 ID card printer features direct-to-card printing technology for producing single- or double-sided, edge-to-edge printed plastic cards with 24-bit precision printing. In addition to the high output, quality, affordability, and reliability that customers have come to expect from Nisca card printers, the PR-C151 offers flexibility with standard USB and Ethernet connectivity for central desktop and local area network (LAN) access. For functionality and security, encoding and lamination options are available.

Product Features

Desktop-friendly, lightweight design

The Nisca PR-C151 dual-sided card printer features a frame weighing less than 27 lbs. and a footprint that is approximately 10 1/2” wide by 13” deep. With its lightweight construction, vertical path, and compact design, the PR-C151 easily fits to workstations, reception desks, and even POS counters with room to spare.

Easy to operate, easy to maintain

The Nisca PR-C151 printer offers an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface featuring an easy-to-follow, two-line LCD display panel complete with backlight, status updates, and diagnostic prompts. Maintenance is made easy as well with automated cleaning features, a ribbon cassette, and a quick-change, self-aligning printhead module. Plus, the PR-C151 is your environmentally-friendly card printer choice; Nisca printers are ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certified.

Edge-to-edge printing with 24-bit color

Using direct-to-card technology, the PR-C151 dual-sided card printer is capable of printing edge-to-edge graphics, leaving virtually no visible border around the perimeter of your cards. The printer performs at 300 dpi and offers 24-bit image printing that allows you to individually adjust the optical density of each color printed. This level of precision printing yields better reproducibility of skin tones, so you can print true-to-life photo IDs.

Fast print speeds and 32 MB image memory

Capable of printing more than 600 single-sided (or 144 dual-sided) cards per hour, the Nisca PR-C151 ID card printer is a natural choice for professional grade, mid-level issuance programs. A high performance printer in terms of memory as well as speed, the PR-C151 features an increased image memory as compared to previous Nisca models, up from 16 MB to 32 MB.

Standard with USB and Ethernet connectivity

The PR-C151 includes USB and Ethernet ports, giving you the option of operating your card printer from a single desktop computer or from multiple computers across a local area network (LAN).

Built-in password protection and scalable security

The dual-sided PR-C151 ID card printer features built-in password protection to ensure that only authorized users have access to print credentials. The PR-C151 also offers advanced visual security for your printed cards with the ability to print crisp, readable, and hard to reproduce micro text. You can further enhance the security of your cards by adding optional lamination and/or encoding capabilities to your PR-C151 card printer.

Optional security lamination

Optimize your PR-C151 ID card printer for high speed lamination to enhance the security of your credentials by adding the easy-to-attach PR-L151 heat roller (laminator). By adding this feature to your printer, you gain the ability to add optically variable ink, embedded holograms, hidden images, and more to your ID cards. The PR-C151 can be attached to up to two (2) Nisca PR-L151 lamination units to manage various laminates or to enable faster dual-sided lamination capabilities. (Add this feature to your printer within the Options tab.)

Optional mag stripe and smart card encoding

Configurable for printing to a variety of card types, the PR-C151 offers optional upgrades for magnetic stripe encoding and contactless encoding for MIFARE, Legic, HID Prox, and iCLASS smart cards. (Add this feature to your printer within the Options tab.)

Ideal Applications:
  • Corporate IDs
  • School ID cards
  • Government ID cards
  • Driver’s licenses
  • National IDs
  • Retail loyalty cards


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