Swiftpro Laminate 3

Clear Laminate 1.0 mil ThinFilm – 1,000 prints

Swiftpro Clear 1.0 mil ThinFilm overlaminate
  • 1.0 mil thickness
  • 1,000 prints per roll
  • For use with  SwiftPro L10 and L10D Laminators


SwiftPro Lamination (also referred to as overlamination) provides a layer of protection over your printed cards, making them more durable and providing protection from wear and fading.

SwiftPro lamination is designed to help increase the life of your cards if you are experiencing cards that are fading.

A printer with the SwiftPro L10 or SwiftPro L10D is needed in order to use SwiftPro 1.0 mil lamination.

SwiftPro card printers require special laminate to function properly. For this reason, use only genuine laminate from SwiftPro. Use of other laminates may void warranty and reduce print quality and durability.


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