KM500B – KM2000B Kiosk

Thanks to the high feeder capacity of the KM500B and KM2000B printers (500 and 2,000 cards respectively), the frequency of card and ribbon loading operations is reduced. Print
Evolis High Trust® ribbons can generate more than 3000 single-sided monochrome cards, and 500 in color.

The KM2000B module integrates four 500-cards feeders and can manage up to 4 different designs of pre-printed cards, according to your needs.


Printers configured on-demand and easy to use

KM500B and KM2000B solutions are fully modular:

  • single or dual-sided cards printing
  • equipped with an encoder for magnetic stripe
  • can be upgraded with encoders for contact and contactless smart cards

You can easily configure card management:

  • cards returned using an exit slot
  • different configuration possibilities like frontal or rear feeding and card exit

In order to limit and facilitate everyday maintenance operations, KM500B and KM2000B printers offer remote notifications on the status of the printer and consumables such as the card or
ribbon level alert.

Thanks to the Evolis Premium SDK, you can integrate KM500B and KM2000B into your own application and monitor them over a local network or the cloud.

Immediate service

Print instantly card from independent terminals allows companies, banks, and even universities to improve the quality of service offered to their customers and members. The cards are customized and issued to their holders 24/7, from terminals that can be installed in various environments (offices, shopping centers, airports, on campus, etc.).

Your users can print their cards instantly, without having to stand in a long queue at a booth or waiting for postal deliveries.

From self-service terminals, users can select the design of their card on the terminal, or even use a personal photograph.

High quality printing in few seconds

From complete printing of cards in color to the monochrome customization of pre-printed cards, Evolis solutions produce a high-resolution graphic finish in just a couple of seconds.

Evolis, Recognized Expertise

Evolis is the world leader in decentralized printing of personalized cards. With a presence in every continent, Evolis has been involved in implementing various projects for card printing using self-service terminals. Our project expertise lies in the following areas in particular:

  • Support at all times and during all phases of your project from a dedicated project manager and team
  • Precise needs analysis in order to take all your specific requirements into account
  • The capacity to develop customized solutions in record time using an on-site, flexible, and high-performance industrial tool
  • Skill transfer from our teams to yours and technical support available from our various centers of expertise.

Evolis has demonstrated its skills in a range of different projects: ID cards, bank cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, event badges, and many more.

Our customers trust us

Numerous technology partners and terminal manufacturers (GRG, Innova, K2Corp, ATAM) have chosen Evolis modules to produce cards and badges for their customers and clients, including:

  • Ikea: Loyalty Cards – Spain, Portugal, Turkey, France
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s: Souvenir Cards – United-States of America
  • Nomad Hotels: Access Control Badges – France
  • KuveytTürk: Payment Cards – Turkey
  • Université Paris1 Panthéon Sorbonne: Student Cards – France


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