Jolly Member Track Premier Edition Software

Member Track by Jolly Technologies is an easy software solution that will help you register, badge and track your members. Easily create a professional and secure environment for your members with helpful features like the Report Center that catalogs all activity, the Badge Designer that allows you to create and print custom member ID badges, and an open database architecture that allows you to integrate with your existing system.


Issuing ID cards to your members will create a professional company image and ensure that only authorized individuals have access. Jolly Member Track 8 Premier Edition Membership Tracking Software makes registering, badging, and tracking your members easy! The membership tracking software’s Report Center maintains a record of all activity, while the integrated Badge Designer allows you to design and print custom member ID badges. With its open data architecture, Jolly Member Track Software can also easily integrate with your existing systems.

Register members and issue cards

Jolly Member Track makes it easy to register members online or onsite. You can even set up an unattended self-registration kiosk to allow members to register themselves. To make registration even easier, scan a driver’s license or passport to auto-fill the registration form. The system can check registrants against watch lists and perform background checks to ensure safety for your staff and other members. Capture photos and signatures to help personalize member cards or store them in your database to help verify members at a glance. Once your members are registered, you can design and print ID badges within the same software program. The integrated designer offers hundreds of templates and several tools to add text, graphics, photos, signatures, barcodes, and magnetic stripes.

Manage entries and exits

Badges that contain a barcode, magstripe, or prox chip allow you to manage and track your members’ entries and exits. Members simply scan their card upon entry and/or exit to gain access. In turn, the software will maintain a log of activity.

Manage multiple locations and databases

Member Track can integrate with your existing systems and data. It can connect to any ODBC or OLE DB compliant databases, such as MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and more. With this, you can store and manage historical member records. This is particularly ideal when working with multiple check-in points or locations.

Access detailed reports

Need to know peak visiting hours or how many people are in your club at any given time? Simply view member activity in detailed logs, reports, and charts with the integrated Report Center. The reports can be exported, emailed, or printed. You can also create an evacuation report, design custom reports, and filter data to quickly locate the information you need.


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