Jolly ID Flow 8 Professional Edition Id Card Software

Design and issue plastic ID badges in any size with Jolly ID Flow Version 8 Professional Edition Software. The Professional edition is designed for corporations and institutions that have multiple locations and require networking or advanced database capabilities.


Photo ID Card Software for Corporations and Institutes.


Jolly ID Flow 8 Professional Edition ID card software is designed for corporations and institutions with multiple locations. Jolly ID Flow Version 8 Professional Edition Software is Jolly’s affordable solution for organizations that require networking or advanced database capabilities. Jolly ID Flow 8 Software allows you to use nearly any card printer to design and issue ID badges.

  • Quick and reliable card issuance
    Those working with cardholder data and printing cards on a regular basis will find the Jolly Card Issue Center easy to use. In just a few clicks, users can easily move between card design files, enroll new cardholders, edit records, and print cards.
  • Increase security
    Creating secure cards have never been easier thanks to the multiple advanced security features that Jolly ID Flow 8 offers. The professional edition allows you to encode magnetic stripe, RFID, print on a UV panel, and encode smart cards.
  • Intuitive design tools
    Create professional-looking credentials with the built-in Jolly ID Flow 8 Card Designer Center. It provides a step-by-step setup wizard and an extensive design template library to help you get started on your card design. Create one- or two-sided card designs by simply clicking on design elements to insert and position them on your card. Choose from elements such as text and database fields, shapes and images, barcodes, and magnetic stripes to get the look and information you need.

    Jolly ID Flow 8 uses design layers to help you better organize the card design, stack objects, and conditionally print elements. You can configure design objects and layers to print only if certain database conditions are met. With this, the need for multiple card designs is eliminated. Instead, create one design and set its elements to print only when necessary. For example, conditionally print a different color bar depending on a user’s access rights into secured areas.

  • Photo editing within ID software
    You can also edit, crop, and auto remove the background of your photos easily within Jolly ID Flow 8. The professional edition software is compatible with SLR cameras and allows you to use the face detect function. Images can be stored in folders or your database.
  • Convenient record storage and reporting capabilities
    In a few clicks, you can connect to databases such as PLE and OBC databases, Microsoft Access, Excel, and text files. Then you can freely add, edit and print records in a snap. You also have the option of creating a standard, custom, or even email reports.


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