IDP Smart Bit Shredder

Protect your cardholder’s data with the IDP SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder, compatible with ribbons from all leading manufacturers. Don’t just throw your used ribbon away that contains sensitive data, dispose of it securely!


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With the ever-increasing instances of data breaches and fraud, it’s never been more critical to protect the security of your employees and your organization. With the IDP SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder, you’re taking the necessary steps to implement an additional layer of protection for both.

Just like a photographic negative, an ID card printer ribbon contains all of the printed cardholders’ data: employee photos, ID numbers, location codes, and more. If not disposed of properly, criminals can replicate the information to make counterfeit ID cards.

The compact IDP SMART-BIT Shredder destroys your used dye-sublimation and retransfer ID card printer ribbons for more peace of mind. It offers your organization secure ID card issuance assurance with these impressive features:

Reliable shredding

IDP’s Twisted Micro-cut Technology uses a patent-pending twist and cut motion to entirely shred your ribbons into tiny, undistinguishable 2.5mm particles.

Dynamic design

This small, lightweight card printer ribbon shredder has a compact footprint, so it fits conveniently in your office space, wherever you need it.

Industry-agnostic compatibility

Destroy all of your ID card printer ribbons with the IDP Shredder. This forward-thinking machine was engineered to shred ID card printer ribbons of all brands -both direct-to-card and retransfer printer ribbons.

All-in-one cleaning

Equipped with built-in waste bag, the SMART-BIT’s automatically collects the shredded ribbon bits and particles. To clean, just empty the waste bag!


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