IDP Smart-31

The IDP Smart-31 ID card printer, an upgrade from the Smart-30, is an affordable and efficient printer for quickly producing small to medium batches of cards.

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The size of your small business doesn’t matter when it comes to the IDP Smart-31 ID card printer. Rely on the easy-to-use  ID printer to deliver first-class quality, increased efficiency, and a low-cost solution for your ID printing needs. This convenient value printer gives you enhanced data security, printing choices, and a compact design that leaves a very small footprint. The IDP Smart-31 is the perfect solution for access control, government ID, healthcare, membership or loyalty programs, and more.

Simple to use with a compact design

The IDP Smart-31 Card Printer was designed with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that will get your printing program up-to-speed in no time. The LED button on the front makes operating the printer straightforward, and with IDP’s drop-in ribbon cartridges, changing your printer ribbon takes seconds. With a thoughtfully engineered chassis, this printer has a small footprint to easily fit any desktop configuration, large or small.

Low-cost security with UV printing

The Smart-31 printer has a password verification function to provide root and user authentications. Data transmitted on USB can be encrypted and SSL Protocol on Ethernet communications is supported. For ease and flexibility, you can set a specific authorized PC for encoding and printing cards.
With the “F” panel on the printers for the IDP Smart-31 printer contains a fluorescing panel that allows you to print images only visible with ultraviolet (UV) light, providing an additional level of security. Printing UV images or text on ID cards provides an extra security layer because the text is not visible to the naked eye. This makes it considerably more difficult to make a counterfeit ID.

High-quality printing & reliable data management

Trust the IDP Smart-31 direct-to-card printer to provide your organization with professional-grade credentials. With the Smart-31 printer, you’ll enjoy the benefits of advanced FINE Imaging technology with exceptional-looking ID cards every time.

Optional dual-sided printing

When you choose dual-sided printing, it allows for more space on your ID card for your company logo, additional cardholder information, or security features. If your application requires printing on both sides of the card, the IDP Smart-31 card printer is available as a single or dual-sided ID printer. You can also choose the field-upgradeable Smart-31 Flipper unit for your dual-sided printing program. Save time and eliminate possible mechanical problems and card jamming caused by manually flipping your cards by opting for built-in dual-sided printing.

Optional encoding

With the IDP printer, get feature-rich credentials for enhanced security. Combine your photo ID application with magnetic stripe, contact (ISO 7816-compliant), or contactless (MIFARE, DESFIRE, and iClass) encoding for a scalable solution that’s right for your organization. Like dual-sided printing, encoding options can be added to the Smart-31 at any time.


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