High-definition retransfer printer ideal for durable, multi-function cards.

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The HDP6600 ID Card Printer offers impressive unprecedented print speeds without sacrificing the high image quality you have learned to expect from Fargo’s high-definition retransfer printer line. Surpassing the other HDP printers in its class, the desktop HDP6600 printer warms up in 60 seconds and can print up to 230 card in a hour. Not only cost-effective, but this versatile printer is also eco-friendly which makes it the ideal solution for industries such as Government, Healthcare, Corporations, and Universities. Fargo’s HDP6600 3-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime printhead warranty ensure your printer will be up and running when you need it.

Product Features
High-definition retransfer printing:

The Fargo HDP6600 printers use sixth-generation retransfer technology. Retransfer (also known as ”reverse transfer” is a card printing method that produces rich, vibrant, saturated color on cards. With retransfer printing, the printhead never comes in contact with the ID cards, but rather, the card images are printed on a clear, retransfer film that is fused to the card surface. As a result of this process, over-the-edge, or full-bleed, printing is possible – even for uneven card surfaces such as smart cards, proximity cards, pre-punched cards, and key tag cards. The HDP6600 retransfer printer is well-known for producing high-definition photographic 600DPI resolution images, sharp tiny text, and crisp barcodes.

Unprecendented print speeds:

Within 60 seconds, the HDP6600 printer is ready to start producing cards at a print speed of 230/hour! The secret behind the fast warmup time is credited to Fargo’s patent-pending iON or instant on technology. Compared to other retransfer printers that can take several minutes before they are ready to print the very first card, your HDP6600 will help you boost your productivity and have you printing in no time.

Maximized printing efficiency:

Your entire printing process is expedited thanks to the Fargo HDP6600’s genius ability to print a card while simultaneously applying transfer film to the next card in line. This double-duty printing process significantly helps speed up the time it takes to print large batches of cards, as well as measuarbly increase productivity with your card issuance program.

Enhanced physical security & durability:

Retransfer printing is inherently more secure and durable than other forms of printing due to the nature of the retransfer process. In the event that a counterfeiter attempts to peel apart the layers of the card, the image will be destroyed. What’s more, the retransfer (HDP) film itself adds an additional layer of protection between the card image and the surrounding environment. Retransfer ribbons are available with a holographic mark known as High-Secure Design which further increases security by reducing the ability to replicate cards. With the 600DPI printing resolution, the Fargo HDP6600 printer also allows you to print a variety of security features such as fine text and characters.

Flexible and Secure Supplies:

The HDP6600 can be loaded with a variety of cards, ribbons, films, and laminates to suit your needs for card security and durability. The HDP6600 supports CR80 cards in a thickness between 30 Mil and 40 Mil. Aside from the cards, this Fargo printer accepts standard retransfer film, high-durability retransfer film, or holographic retransfer film. While high-durability retransfer film is three times tougher than standard films, holographic retransfer film features a high-secure orbit hologram design for increased card security. When it comes to ribbons, all standard monochrome and color formats are compatible with Fargo’s HDP6600.

Flexible Upgrade Options:

The HDP6600 was specifally built to tailor the individual needs of users. Each component of the system is known as a “module.” If you would like to add an additional feature at any point, such as dual-sided printing, simply purchase the appropriate module and attach it to your existing system. Various field upgradable modules are available, including dual sided printer (flipper module), card flattener, magnetic stripe, contact and contactless encoding, and wifi connectivity. Whatever your needs may be down the road, this system will meet you there.

Optional Dual Sided Printing:

With the HDP6600 printer, you have the option to select a field upgradable flipper module in order to add dual-sided printing at any point in the future. The extra space resulting from dual-sided printing is often used for additional cardholder information, barcodes, and contact information for lost cards. Some users duplicate card information from the front onto the back so that the information is always visible, regardless of whether the card flips over. Whatever your needs may be, you’ll have the extra space available with dual-sided printing.


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