The fifth generation of powerful Fargo HDP technology, the HDP5600 has an optional 600 dpi print head.

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Fargo HDP5600 Overview
  • Printing Capability: Single-sided
  • Print Technology: Reverse transfer
  • Print Speed: Full color single-sided cards in 24 seconds, and laminated cards in 35 seconds
  • Input/Output: 100/200

Combining the power of reverse transfer printing with an optional upgrade to a 600 dpi printhead, the Fargo HDP5600 is the newest in high quality ID card printing.

Modular Design to Fit Your Needs

The modular design of the HDP5600 allows you to easily add the upgrades you need to create a custom ID card printer. Options include dual-input hoppers, magnetic stripe encoding, dual-sided printing, and lamination. This makes it easy to grow and adapt the printer if your ID card program needs ever change. The printer comes standard with Ethernet connectivity, ideal for workplace environments where more than one user may need to print cards.

High-Quality Reverse Transfer Printing

One of the hallmarks of the HDP line of printers is the high print quality. The new HDP5600 printer brings you the same clear, detailed reverse transfer printing technology you’ve come to rely on from Fargo, with a new added option for a 600 dpi printhead – so you can print even clearer, crisper cards and colors.

The cards produced by reverse transfer printing are more durable than standard cards because the printing process adds an extra layer of protection – the design is first printed onto a clear film, and then transferred to the card. This also makes the cards more secure and tamper-resistant.

And for printing on uneven card surfaces, such as smart cards with embedded chips, a reverse transfer printer is your recommended option to prevent damage to the printhead.

Printer Options & Upgrades
  • The Fargo HDP5600 is available with the following upgrades:
    • Dual-sided printing
    • Lamination (either single or dual-sided)
    • Magnetic stripe encoding
    • Dual-input hoppers


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