Fargo Adhesive Cleaning Cards, 50 count

Fargo Persona Extra Cleaning Cards (double sided)
  • 50 count. Isopropyl alcohol cleaning cards.
  • Cleaning cards
  • Feature a low-tack adhesive that cleans dust and other debris from your
  • Fargo printer’s card rollers to help avoid damage to your printhead and help ensure the quality of your printed cards.
  • Simply run the cards through your printer to clean the rollers.
  • For use with HID Global Fargo:
    • HDP5000 ID Card Printers
    • DTC400e ID Card Printers
    • DTC550 ID Card Printers
    • DTC1000 ID Card Printers
    • DTC4000 ID Card Printers
    • DTC4500 ID Card Printers
    • Persona M30 ID Card Printers
    • Persona M30e ID Card Printers
    • Persona C30 ID Card Printers
    • Persona C30e ID Card Printers
    • HDP600 ID Card Printers
  • Regular use of Fargo Magnetic Cleaning Cards will help you keep your printer free of dried ink and dust, so that you can enjoy crisp card printing jobs for years to come.
  • Comes with 10 cards per pack, compatible with nearly all Fargo ID card printers.
  • ID Supershop Tip: For ideal performance, clean your card printer at least once a week and store your cards in a dust-free area.


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