Evolis Laminator

Versatile single-sided and dual-sided lamination capabilities for mid- to high-volume card lamination applications

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If adding card security, durability, and longevity are requirements for your ID issuance program, the Evolis Laminator is the answer. This versatile piece of equipment can be used two ways: as a stand-alone laminator connected to your computer with card-to-card insertion or with a Primacy ID card printer for an all-in-one printing, encoding, and lamination solution.

Product Features

Extend the life of your credentials

With the Evolis Laminator, you’re adding a protective layer to ID cards which makes them more durable and resistant to everyday wear – including the repeated use in card readers. Depending on which type of laminate film or patch you choose, you can potentially extend the life of cards for up to 10 years with lamination. In addition, UV-blocking film safeguards the high-quality images featured on cards from dye migration and fading.

Increase card security

By adding laminate film to your card production process, you’ll produce cards that are more distinctive and professional-looking. Laminated ID cards are also more difficult for counterfeiters to tamper with or duplicate. If attempts are made to alter the card by peeling off the laminate, the printed card design from the card will also be peeled off, making the card unusable. Custom holographic lamination provides the greatest level of card security.

Easy-to-use interface

With its compact and ergonomic design, the Evolis Card Lamination Module features an LED display with graphical cleaning alerts, low-level or empty ribbon status, and more. Easy-grip ribbons are automatically recognized, allowing you to install the drop-in ribbons quickly and conveniently.

High-capacity production

The Evolis CLM can laminate up to 215 cards per hour in single-sided mode and 110 cards an hour in dual-sided lamination mode. The module’s 100-card output hopper makes finished card collection clean and contamination-free, ensuring exceptional print quality.


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