Badge Buddy Refill Kit with Vertical Slot Inserts and Laminating Pouches

This kit features inserts and laminating pouches that allow you to keep creating your own Badge Buddies.. MINUMUM QTY. 100


Keep your Badge Buddies program rolling with this refill kit

Refills? Already? Great!

You must really be churning out those custom Badge Buddies at your site.

This kit will keep the custom Badge Buddies coming, offering you the laminating pouches and Synthetic Paper inserts you need to create quality Badge Buddies in your own office.

This kit contains:

  • 100 vertically slotted Badge Buddies inserts
  • 100 laminating pouches, measuring 2.13″ x 4.25″ 

The Badge Buddies you create with these refills should be paired with standard, vertical CR80/credit card-sized credentials, though data collection-sized cards will work as well.

Please note: When laminating Badge Buddies, you must use a heavy-duty laminator that delivers high heat and pressure. Less powerful laminators, like those used for business cards, won’t be able to handle laminating Badge Buddies.


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