Five Things to Troubleshoot Your ID Printer


If your organization is making photo ID cards, it is inevitable that your printer will have some issues. Most issues are easily resolved with some of the basic troubleshooting items we will review. There are several reasons why an ID printer may malfunction, you will want to try these basic troubleshooting steps first before contacting an ID card professional like Newbart.


Step One – A Printer Cleaning

If your ID card printer has not been used in a while, it is likely filled with dust and other debris. We recommend cleaning your printer every six months or 1,000 cards, which ever comes first. It is also important to clean your printer regularly to extend the life of your ID printer. Most manufacturers require an ID card printer to be cleaned about every 1,000 cards to keep a customer’s warranty on that equipment in good standing. Make sure you contact Newbart if you are unsure of which cleaning kit is compatible with your equipment since cleaning kits are not universal.

Step Two – Calibrate Ribbon Sensors


If your ID card printer has ever said missing film or missing ink, it is likely due to a faulty sensor. You can locate under your printer driver settings, the calibrate ribbon sensor function. This will be located in your printer preferences or printer properties.


Step Three – Fan The Cards

If cards are not feeding properly into the printer, it is likely due to static making the cards stick together. Simply remove the cards and fan them to remove any static that may be causing the cards to stick together. Re-insert the cards into the card hopper and try printing another card to see if the feeding issue is resolved.


Step Four – Use The Correct Power Supply


Call if your printer is having issues printing very light or faded, it is likely due to using the incorrect power supply. Make sure you are using the power supply that came with your printer, otherwise you will continue experiencing issues. Try keeping all cords necessary for your printer together, especially when moving the printer from one location to another.


Step Five – Replace Your ID Printer Ribbon or Film


After trying all the steps above still with no luck, try replacing your ribbon or film with genuine manufacture product. There is knock off brand supplies for sale online, which will cause issues with printing. Be sure to contact Newbart for your ID card printer supplies, as Newbart only sells genuine manufacture product. If you are unfamiliar with retransfer film, you likely have a direct to card printer. Direct to card printers print directly onto the card and tend to experience less issues as opposed to retransfer style printers.

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